*Somewhat long post*

We all live on campus at ETSU for 4-5 weeks each summer, but unfortunately we have to put up with a few other groups that are also on campus.

One of them being the wonderful (please read the sarcasm in that) Christian group PowerLife. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Christian too. But I’m also Demisexual- or I’m just going with gay this week to simplify it for the uneducated. Plus, you know, I am dating another girl, the love of my life. And I don’t approve of the homophobic nature at all.

Upward Bound- that is our group- has always had a problem with Powerlife as UB is a very diversified group, many different sexualities and backgrounds and religions or lack thereof and all with a desire to learn and a great financial need.
Mainly the sexuality and religious aspects is where we differ.
Anyway, Powerlife is incredibly rude, especially this year. They’ve done a lot of damage, including defacing some of the UB class chalk assignments (i.e. washing away one person’s piece that said ‘Gay is Beautiful’) laughed at UB students, took pictures without permission to make fun of them, called them names, told one pregnant junior that she was going to hell and her baby was a sin, and overall made many of the students request seriously to leave.

So, this is mine and my girlfriend’s peaceful protest of them.
We will not scream or shout or throw things or even converse with any who are less than cordial to maintain a level of peace, though we will make out with each other without hesitation if any of them say anything to us. And then we’ll quote scripture at the idiots.
It’s spirit week for UB, and today is “Holiday Day” or, dress as your favorite holiday. And since there’s no Gay Pride Day, but this is Gay Pride Month….. You see where I’m going.
And with everything with DOMA and Proposition 8 last night too, it was the perfect opportunity.

It was a good day for this.
Here’s my lovely girlfriend Tasha’s Shirt.

I’m thrilled with it all today.
Love and acceptance for you all.

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